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We are busy building bridges to Mariupol!
Together with Platform TU Mariupol, we are embarking on a whole year of Ukrainian-German cultural exchange in 2024:

*** 29 June 2024: film preview "Teen Angst" in Berlin ***


Teen Angst

Together with you, we are eager to explore the emotions and challenges faced by Ukrainian teenagers both in Ukraine and abroad. What is it like to grow up in such a crazy, unstable world? What inspires you and what annoys you?

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cooperation & art-lab 2024

guilt & shame

Together with the Platform TU Mariupol, we are investigating the topic of "guilt & shame" for one year in 2024. To this end, we are initiating various transcultural network and dialogue formats as well as artistic co-productions. The first part of the art-lab in Germany is already behind us:  

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art remains many

DIE VIELEN: shield & shine

NEVER AGAIN must theatres, operas and orchestras, museums, libraries, literary and cultural institutions or cinemas put their work at the service of anti-democrats and fascists. We support the campaign call of DIE VIELEN, which opposes the normalisation of right-wing extremist politics in democratic parliaments. 

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How can we live together, even if we disagree? Our solution to all problems: Wrestling! In "WHAT THE FUCK", four performers step into the ring together: not just as wrestlers, but as representatives of a polarised society, armed with the clichéd attributions of our time. 

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