promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

bridgeworks promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.


Successful fundraising for artists from Uganda

In the course of the Corona crisis Bridgeworks had launched a call for donations to help artists* from Uganda with emergency support. Already after five days the donation target of 2.000€ was reached and even exceeded. Forty-five donors* had taken heart and supported the artists* from Uganda. Two days later, the funds were transferred via WorldRemit (an online platform for financial transfers) to the mobile phone account of the Art Camp participant Key Drichiru, who then sent the artists €100 each, contactlessly. With your donation, the supporters have not only contributed to the livelihood of the Ugandan artists, but also to their survival. The situation in Uganda has worsened since the appeal for donations. There is a curfew from 19h in the evening. Public transport is prohibited all day. Many Ugandans* do not own a car and can only do their shopping on foot. This is not easily possible in the megacity Kampala. Supermarket employees are no longer allowed to go home. The supermarkets have to organise a sleeping place for them on site. Food prices continue to rise. In times of this crisis our artist friends* were happy about the unexpected support and a strong sign of solidarity from Germany.