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bridgeworks promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

The premiere of our Ugandan-German co-production will take place at the beginning of August.

On July 1, six artists from Kampala came to Düsseldorf and Cologne.

And so Shakespeare’s classic takes place for the first time as Ugandan-German theater with breakdance and traditional, as well as contemporary percussion underpinning. With no separation between stage and audience, the Ugandan “fire-place-theater” intertwines with German staging, Ugandan storytelling with German acting style.

Under the direction of the director Simon Eifeler and the theater poet Kagayi Ngobi, choreographed by Uganda’s most famous break dancer Abraham “Abramz” Tekya and accompanied by the percussionist Ejuku, the production takes the viewer to Uganda’s Kampala for a unique experience of German-Ugandan theater art in Ugandan and English , which, however, is edible without language skills.

The kingdoms Buganda and Bunyoro are enemies. Romeo, a Buganda and Juliet, a Bunyoro meet for the first time at a festival of Bunyoro, which visits Romeo masked and are struck by love like lightning. It begins the spectacle of the young, stormy love that, at first sight, has become so passionate that, in order to reach its goal, it overcomes all obstacles.

William Shakespeare’s tragedy is a classic on German stages. But what does a translation of this work into contemporary Uganda look like? Uganda, formerly colonized by England, is today one of the poorest countries in the world. How does a play from the culture of the former colonialists in post-colonial Uganda work? What if it were to replace the conflict of houses with today’s smoldering conflict between local tribes? May a young woman in Uganda choose her husband freely? What value does a human life have in a society in which many people have to fight for survival every day?

From the beginning of August 2019 performances will take place in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Kampala.

Director: Simon Eifeler and Kagayi Ngobi

Assistance: Keryeko Pamela

Music: Ejuku

Choreography: Abraham “Abramz” Tekya

Featuring: Kifuko ‘Key’ Moureen Drichiru, Byamukama Bryan Powerz, Kagayi Ngobi and Ejuku

The professional coproduction is a production of fred – free ensemble Düsseldorf, created by the support of the bridgeworks e.v., together with Ugandan participants of the art laboratory 2018 in Uganda and in co-production with the House of Talent (HoT) East Africa Ltd.