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four phases of fear

German-Palestinian dance theater production

"four phases of fear" is a German-Palestinian dance film. In it, four dancers explore the theme of fear and identity. Social networks, family trees, self-images, smells, tastes and security are personal building blocks that shape our identities. In between lies fear, the fine distinction that defines us as individuals.

Diverse theories describe the phenomenon of fear and attempt to classify its origins, imprints, and effects into categories designed to make it more tangible. From biological fear as a constant companion, inherited traumas over generations, to tactical fear politics, learned fears understood as traditions and seemingly random phobias, we look for what separates us and what connects us.

"four phases of fear" will use elements of these theories and their points of overlap to examine personal fears and make them presentable. The four performers will decide in the process which facets of fear will be illuminated on a biographical, sociological and cultural basis and translate this artistically into four chapters.

The final piece will be shown several times in Ramallah, Palestine and Germany. In this way, the presence of the respective dance scene in another country is to be structurally strengthened and advertised by making the cooperation of the art scenes visible.