promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

bridgeworks promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

Der Process (2017)
Ghana - Deutschland

collaboration professional

The collaboration professional promotes cooperation projects that involve professional artists from at least two cultural areas and present the artistic result in the partner culture as well as in Germany.

Persons, groups or collectives selected by bridgeworks are supported and supported as partners and co-producers in their cooperation projects.

In particular, bridgeworks performs its expertise in the implementation of transnational cooperation, advice on applications and fundraising and networking in the form of access to the artist database.

Cooperative projects that emerge from the art laboratory may be provided with material and financial resources.

collaboration professional


german-palestinian co-production

collaboration professional

four phases of fear

German-Palestinian dance theater production

"four phases of fear" is a German-Palestinian dance film. Four dancers deal with the theme of fear and identity.

collaboration professional - NOW LIVE!

I see what you don’t see

Type beyond borders

Is it possible to get to know each other without putting a label on the other person? Stereotypes and prejudices are more the rule than the exception. Because the human being, whether by intent or not, divides the world into categories - be it for economic reasons, laziness or fear. So an objective approach is not easy - if it weren't for this anonymous meeting place where neither gender, age, appearance, social status nor religious affiliation plays a role: the Internet.

CoPro Dance 2020


Projects 2020/2021

Detached from our national identity, we want to locate ourselves on social maps. We want to talk about fear, not as a Trojan horse for ideologies, but as a fine distinction that defines us as individuals.

collaboration professional

Enchanting performances in Uganda

Romeo and Juliet in Kampala

Now the first series of performances of "Romeo and Juliet in Kampala" took place in Uganda. For this purpose Viola Hilbing and Simon Eifeler from Bridgeworks traveled from Germany to the Ugandan capital Kampala .

collaboration professional

Romeo and Juliet in Kampala

Premiere on 2nd August, further dates on 3rd, 9th and 10th August

The premiere of our Ugandan-German co-production will take place at the beginning of August. On July 1, six artists from Kampala came to Düsseldorf and...


romeo & juliette

casting in uganda

We spent much of yesterday searching for our "Romeo" and "Juliet" for our Ugandan Version of William Shakespeare's classic play "Romeo and Juliet". Well we got an opportunity to get a feel of how "Romeo and Juliet" sounds in some of our local languages like Luganda, Runyoro, Rutooro, Rukiga, Runyankole, and Nigeria's Ibo.

collaboration professional

Music video “Der ich bin” released

Otto Normal produced a music video with support by bridgeworks and BPU

After the art camp, musicians, participants and members of the breakdance project uganda met for a joint video shoot.

collaboration professional

Romeo & Juliette

Shakespeare in Uganda

William Shakespeare's tragedy is a classic on German and international stages. But what would a translation of this work into contemporary Uganda look like?

collaboration professional


Intercultural production between Mozambique and Germany

The fred - Freies Ensemble Düsseldorf staged "Blackbird" in cooperation with bridgeworks and the Associação Cultural Warethwa from Mozambique as an intercultural approach to a universal situation through theater, dance, music and installation.

collaboration professional

Der Process / The Trial

An encounter with the unknown

"Someonemust have slandered Josef K., because one morning without him doing something wrong, he was arrested."