promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

bridgeworks promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.


art laboratory

The art laboratory is a cultural and artistic encounter project, a "crossover" of cultures and art genres. Artists from three genres and two cultural areas share research, work and act as one group.

This cultural "two-way street" consists of both respective partner culture visiting each other. Over a period of two times 14 days, cultural "interim-places" are created. The participating artists originate equally from the two cultural areas and in a balanced relationship between the genres of theater, dance and music.

Separated from commitments, everyday life and one's own culture, the participants examine a socially relevant topic of the partner culture. The confrontation with the topic, one's own identity, culture and origin, is initiated by the foreign culture as a critical counterpart and moderated by experienced artists.

The art laboratory ends with a public interdisciplinary performance of the artistic results.

The art laboratory has the goal ...

  • to creatively explore the respective topic and make it emotionally tangible through the arts
  • to enable cultural encounters and an examination with the foreign- and one's own culture
  • to expand the network of participants
  • to impart concrete intercultural competences to the participants
  • to impart interdisciplinary and artistic skills to the participants
  • to make the content a sustainable experience through the performance, song recordings and video documentation

art laboratory

art-lab fear & identity

the whole world at home... on my screen

Over a period of five days, art-lab brought together 50 artists from Palestine and Germany as well as several international guests in digital space. There was discussion, debate and artistic research on the complex of themes of fear and identity. The question of whether international cultural work is even possible in times of non-mobility can now be confidently answered with a "Yes!

art laboratory

The bridgeworks art-lab 2021 Fears & Identity

...a digital tour de force or dance on the fiber optic network?

The Al Kasaba Theater in Ramallah and bridgeworks e.V. proudly present the "art-lab 2021": the first digital encounter project of this kind. Based on the starting point of "being strangers to each other", we will start building our Palestinian-German cultural bridge with the first building blocks.

art laboratory

Tilos – Greece

Youth workers mobility

Forty dancers, musicians, actors and performance artists based in Germany, France and Greece will take part in this project and work and research on topics of cultural integration through the mutual exchange of methods, ideas and visions.

art laboratory

research visit to Jerusalem

Reaching new shores

For three weeks, Felix Banholzer and Simon Eifeler travel to Jerusalem to meet theaters, cultural institutions and artists, to attend musical dance and theater performances, and to develop a feeling for the structure.

art laboratory

The art camp songs are ready

Available on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon

At the bridgeworks art camp 2018 in Kampala, guided by the musicians Kaz Kasozi, Peter "Pete" Stöcklin and Sebastian "Baf" Scheipers, six wonderful songs were created by the participants.

art laboratory

Video Documentation

Filmmaker Patrick Waldmann accompanied bridgeworks to Kampala

This documentary provides a good insight into how bridgeworks performs and shows the atmosphere and energy of those involved on site, from the first meeting to the performance of the workshop results at the La Bonita theater in the heart of Kampala.

art laboratory



Our pilot art laboratory in Kampala, Uganda took place from 11.02.2018 - 25.02.2018 and was a great success.

by Dennis Palmen

art laboratory

Preparations for the Art-Lab 2019 have begun

The next partner culture

Also in 2019, bridgeworks will realize projects with a partner culture. The preparations for this have been going on for some time. The world region is determined, the search for possible cooperation countries and partners is currently underway.