promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

bridgeworks promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.



Kunst bleibt viele (Art remains many)

for open art and cultural spaces and an open society

NRW declaration of the many NRW-Erklärung der Vielen Kunst schafft einen Raum zur Veränderung der Welt "Als Kulturschaffende in Deutschland stehen wir nicht über den...


Partner Culture 2020

A dwindling country - a scattered people

Whether in Haifa, New York, Amman, London, Beirut or Berlin - today, Palestinians live in all these cities and their countries. Due to historical developments and ever-recurring disagreements, the Palestinians have become almost a homeless and widely scattered nation. The remaining autonomous areas are rich in (sad) history and have one thing in common today: a depressing everyday life in a crisis-ridden situation.

Angst (fear)

Annual Theme 2020

Taboo - Manipulation - Unknown

The Bridgeworks year 2020 with our Palestinian partner culture will revolve around the topic "fear" in the broadest sense. With the aspiration to find a complex, inspiring and relevant topic for both cultures, we are very happy with the decision. Fear is a daily companion, present on all levels and tangible with all senses: you can smell, see, hear and sometimes almost grasp you ...

Our partner culture 2018

Successful fundraising for artists from Uganda

Donation target of 2000€ reached after five days

Our partner culture 2018

Corona emergency aid for Ugandan artists

Solidarity with artists in times of crisis

Corona emergency aid for Ugandan artists Emergency aid for Ugandan artists during the Corona crisis. Together we can help to ensure the survival of artists...