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With the support of bridgeworks, the fred - Freie Ensemble Düsseldorf conducted a new intercultural production in the winter of 2017:

Christmas in the big city. In a shabby apartment Baylis and Froggy live in filth and poverty, with drugs and illness. They face the desperate situation in which the two are physically, financially and in all their circumstances, with wit, imagination and a never articulated, but all the more noticeable, selfless and great love.

The fred - Freies Ensemble Düsseldorf stages "Blackbird" in cooperation with bridgeworks and the Associação Cultural Warethwa from Mozambique as an intercultural approach to a universal situation through theater, dance, music and installation.

The production is staged in English and is supplemented by German, Portuguese, Changana and Chopi text passages.

With: Marisa Bimbo and Christian Beppo Peters

Director: Simon Eifeler / Choreography: Marie-Lena Kaiser
Music: Matchume Zango Stage / Costumes and Stage: Isabell Ziegler

Premiere: 24.11.2017 // 21:00 // Kinani Festival Maputo, Mozambique

German Premiere:
14. 12. 2017 // 20:00 // Theaterfabrik Düsseldorf
Other performances:
15.12.2017 // 20:00 // Theaterfabrik Düsseldorf
16.12.2017 // 20:00 // Theaterfabrik Düsseldorf
18.12.2017 // 21:00 // Café Eden // Junges Schauspielhaus

For production a short documentation has been published: