promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

bridgeworks promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

He who has no fear has no imagination!”

The Bridgeworks year 2020 with our Palestinian partner culture will revolve around the topic “fear” in the broadest sense. With the aspiration to find a complex, inspiring and relevant topic for both cultures, we are very happy with the decision. Fear is a daily companion, present on all levels and tangible with all senses: you can smell it, see it, hear it and sometimes almost grasp it…

Fear was and is always an up-to-the-minute topic, the subject of innumerable research, a culture-independent basic emotion and an irrefutable part of our humanity. Fear connects us all.

But why do so many people have a majority-split relationship to fear? Evolutionary and social, fear is justified, without it humans would hardly give it: fear protects us in everyday life and lets us plan far-sighted, but it also often leads us astray, gets misdirected or abused.

Why are we so vulnerable and vulnerable when it comes to our fears? Some are certainly justified, others constructed, some unjustified and others are instrumentalized. Rationality and reason seem to pass each other in the state of fear and the autopilot of our emotions takes over the inner guidance.

Whether cultural, political, physical or psychological – fear raises questions. And questions are the stuff for artistic exploration.

Bridgeworks looks forward to all the exciting, entertaining, instructive and unpleasant questions that will arise in the art work.

Let us face our fears … of our imagination!