promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

bridgeworks promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.



Felix Banholzer

CEO bridgeworks

Felix Banholzer is a director, actor and cultural manager. He studied acting at the Stuttgart State Drama School, theater directing at the Erasmushogeschool Brussel and cultural and media management at the Hamburg University of Music and Performing Arts. He is a founding member of bridgeworks. After years as an actor he works  as a freelance director and actor with a focus on intercultural theater work since 2013.


Viola Hilbing

Cultural Management and Project Coordination

Viola Hilbing is cultural- and project manager. She studied cultural and media education with a focus on theater, literature and digital media as well as cultural management. Since 2006 she works in different institutions of art, culture and cultural education. Most recently, she worked as a project manager for Stiftung Mercator in the field of education, before being a consultant in the model program "Cultural Agents for Creative Schools". Since 2010 she is as well self-employed in the field of art and culture.

Patrick BW

Patrick Waldmann


Patrick Waldmann is a freelance film director and cameraman. He studied film and television camera at the FH Dortmund and has collected his first cinematic experience as a cinematographer with directors Christoph Schlingensief, Günter Wallraff, Martin Walz and Esther Gronenborn. For many years he has been working on various documentary film formats for the broadcasters Arte and WDR, but also on scenic film projects in the form of commercials. Most recently, he was awarded the German Camera Prize in the category "Journalistic Short Format" in 2018.


Simon Eifeler

CEO bridgeworks

Simon Eifeler is a director, entrepeneur and computer scientist. He studied theater directing at the University of Performing Arts in Ulm. He founded the »fred - Freies Ensemble Düsseldorf« in 2008. Since then he has staged 17 productions at home and abroad. Since 2015 he gives theater workshops in Europe and Africa. He is a founding member of bridgeworks.


Dennis Palmen

Cultural Management and Project Coordination

Dennis Palmen is a freelance writer, composer and director. He studied Media and Cultural Studies and Psychology. He is artistically involved in a variety of cultural projects. In the area of theater and project management he worked for the youth art project »ARTIG Zentrale« of the state capital Düsseldorf and the »Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland« as well as for the »Play It Again festival«. He is a board member of Looters e.V..