promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

bridgeworks promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

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ECHODRAMA Cultural Group

ECHODRAMA Cultural Group was founded in 2006. It is a civil non-profit company with a long experience in creating and presenting dance and music-dance performances in Greece and abroad. These performances promote contemporary culture, are inspired by Greek history and tradition and are presented with contemporary means (contemporary dance, contemporary music compositions, contemporary audiovisual means, digital projections). ECHODRAMA has created several remarkable productions, such as "RHEI - EVERYTHING FLOWS" (inspired by Heraclitus' concept of perpetual movement), "THE CAVE" (a contemporary look at the cave allegory of Plato’s "Republic"), “APOLLO-AMATERASU: TRACING SUN” (under the auspices of the Embassy of Japan in Greece), “MEMORIES OF OLYMPIA” and “THE MURDERESS” (based on Alexandros Papadiamandis’ novel).


logo echodrama

ECHODRAMA has collaborated with Amnesty International, the Red Cross and the Opera of Dusseldorf. Latest production of the Company is the Performance "Eros-Iros" based on the Novel by Alexandros Papadiamantis.

ECHODRAMA Cultural Group organizes also important international artistic residencies and exchanges, supported by European Cultural Programs.


RIDDER WERKE is a design office with a focus on brand building, web and classic print design, as well as consulting, conception, visualization and production coordination of all kinds of activities.

In the north of Dusseldorf, on the time-honored Lohauser Hof, lies the idyllic creative residence between river and airport. More precisely: directly in the approach lane ...

First of all, this gives RIDDER WERKE an extremely international touch, and secondly, you get used to it.


The head behind the name is Andreas Ridder, a late-thirties with almost frightening 20-year advertising experience, who is actively supported by Marcel Vengels, Marcus Wozniak, Christine Verhülsdonk, Kai Bade, Sarah Loewe and a steady line of freelancers.

Andreas Ridder accompanies bridgeworks from the first day with words and deeds. The design of the bridgeworks logo, the website and all advertising media were created from his pen.

Norm braucht Vielfalt (Norm needs diversity)

Norm braucht Vielfalt is committed to a barrier-free society. The initiative is divided into two sections: It offers a platform for various projects on the subject of inclusion and, at the same time, realizes its own inclusion projects together with cooperation partners, focusing on music and the arts.

In this way NbV brings people with and without disabilities together and promotes joint actions of people from different milieus. Their concern is to balance the order of values within society by bringing people together, to meet and share.


The contact to Norm braucht Vielfalt was made through the artist Peter Stöcklin, who took part at the first art camp 2018 in Kampala as a facilitator for the music-department . Peter Stöcklin is the head of the project Norm needs diversity.

otto normal

For seven years, the band OTTO NORMAL around frontman Pete has been an integral part of the German-speaking music scene. OTTO NORMAL is a compressed orchestra that has found its style in the synergy of pop and rap. In doing so, one does not indulge in Jim Pandzko's phrases, but offers the listeners a reality check, without saving on catchy melodies. The five Freiburger have played over 300 live shows and have already released two albums and a vinyl EP.

OTTO NORMAL have spent the last three years in the studio, embarking on a quest for musical innovation, finding them in music-filled stories about real life. But the band does not lose itself in concern poetry and cuddly poetry, but shows edge and sees itself as part and actor of the current affairs. On May 4, 2018, her new album "Wieder Wir" will be released by Jazzhaus Records. Now Studio becomes stage again, pin microphone and isolation the urge to say, "Wir sind wieder da!" (We are back again!).

Otto Normal2

Frontman Peter "Pete" Stöcklin and Gittarist Sebastian "Baf" Scheipers accompanied the first bridgeworks Art Camp 2018 in Kampala as music facilitators and have distinguished themselves by producing the wonderful songs that were created during the workshop.

breakdance project uganda

The BPU is a nonprofit, voluntary organization founded in February 2006 to support and empower young people. Children and adolescents are to be caught and brought together by hip-hop, so that slowly a positive social change develops.

The BPU offers free breakdance, visual arts, rap and beatboxing classes at Sharing Youth Center Nsambya, Gulu Youth Center, Kitgum Youth Center and Kimaanya Hall Masaka. It encourages people to share their skills and take leadership roles in their communities. The leaders of the project are convinced that each and every one can learn and teach, and thus has the ability to be a positive role model for others.


Abramz Tekya, founder of BPU, accompanied the bridgeworks art camp 2018 in Kampala as a dance facilitator and his organization helped bridgeworks organize the art camp by providing a performance venue.

silent voices uganda

Silent Voices Uganda is a not for profit making all Female Founding Directors’ Performing Arts (Theatre /Film/Television/Radio dramas) Development and Production organization founded with the mission to rekindle and develop the industry in Uganda and East Africa.

The company was formerly Alfajiri Productions Ltd founded in 2009 and famed for its first powerful theatre production Silent Voices (2012), from which the company now derives its name as a tribute to this powerful production that continues to be described by many Ugandans as ‘the spiritual rebirth of theatre in Uganda’.

The change in name was also partly inspired by the realization and reaffirmation that we do work that ‘give voice’ to issues affecting underprivileged/disadvantaged/minority groups, thus provoking and/or promoting meaningful conversations around the various issues.


The director and founder of Silent Voices Uganda, Adong Judith, will accompany the first Art Camp 2018 in Kampala as a theater teacher and your organization will support bridgeworks in applying for funding and conducting the Art Camp.

house of talent east africa

HOUSE OF TALENT EAST AFRICA whose acronym is HOT, is a performing arts and cultural company in Uganda that opened its doors to the market on 1st January 2009. House Of Talent East Africa is taking huge strides to become one of Uganda's most reputable, innovative and efficient service providers in the arts and culture industry particularly in the entertainment sector. We provide entertainment services, development communication services and Business solutions.

Our company is driven by the relentless passion and desire to be the best at each and everything we do. We take great pride in offering our clients the most exclusive and cost-effective ENTERTAINMENT, DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION and BUSINESS SOLUTIONS services that they could ever desire.


The founder and CEO of House of Talent Uganda, Andrew Ssebagala was the local coordinator of bridgeworks art camps Kampala 2018 and was responsible for the overall organization and execution of the workshop on site.


The theater factory is the most famous OFF theater in Dusseldorf. As a cultural "biotope" in Dusseldorf, we offer it in a cozy atmosphere a multi-faceted program with a variety of events. The productions range from modern, abstract, innovative - to quite traditional.

Contemporary in-house productions, stagings of modern or classical texts, music evenings, performances and improvisational theater are her favorite formats. The theater factory sees itself as a forum in which the audience as well as the theater work can meet in a novel proximity. After the performances, there is always time and space for personal contacts with the artists. Many acquaintances became friends in this forum.


The co-founder and artistic director of the theater factory, Lars Evers, is a founding member of bridgeworks and was on hand to help and guide the organization from day one.

fred - Freies Ensemble Düsseldorf (free ensemble Düsseldorf)

The "fred-Free Ensemble Düsseldorf" was founded in the fall of 2008 by Simon Eifeler with the aim of offering professional theater in addition to established theater in Düsseldorf. The focus is on a magnificent spectacke, which - with current relevance - should inspire the audience for the theater and encourage reflection. A particular focus of the work of fred is the staging of classics in a modern form with a small cast and the adaptation of special novel templates for the stage. Without a fixed venue, fred is guesting and cooperating with other theaters in the Düsseldorf area.


Since its founding in 2008, the fred has produced over 15 productions, with about 150 performances and for about 3000 spectators on stages in Düsseldorf. In addition, the fred has staged performances in Accra and Kumasi (Ghana), as well as in Maputo (Mozambique).

Simon Eifeler is the founder of Bridgeworks and accompanied the bridgeworks art camp in Kampala 2018 as a theater facilitator.

looters e.v.

The Looters e.V. came from the free Looters theater ensemble, which was launched in 2007 and performed mainly in the theater at the Schlachthof Neuss, in the Alte Post Neuss, in the Theater Museum Dusseldorf and the Theaterfabrik Dusseldorf occurs. The form of the registered, non-profit association exists since its foundation in the summer of 2013.

In addition to theater plays, the ensemble regularly performs music theater and concert projects as well as improvisational performances. In addition, the Looters e.V. organizes various workshops in the area of ​​cultural education, such as the Looters Workshop Weekend, where young people have the opportunity to take part in various art disciplines. The purpose of the association is to promote culture, in particular the performing arts, and cultural education. The association also promotes the equal rights of all people and contributes to the promotion of active tolerance and the reduction of discrimination.

logo looters

Looter's founder and director Dennis Palmen is co-founder of bridgeworks and responsible as a cultural manager for applying for funding. He also organizes art lab 2019 together with Carine Lin-Kwang.