promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

bridgeworks promotes and realizes art and cultural projects worldwide.

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german-palestinian co-production

Paralyse Again and again we experience how fears are instrumentalised and abused. Political, religious or power-hungry interest groups swear up supposed cultural and historical identities...

art laboratory

art-lab fear & identity

the whole world at home... on my screen

Over a period of five days, art-lab brought together 50 artists from Palestine and Germany as well as several international guests in digital space. There was discussion, debate and artistic research on the complex of themes of fear and identity. The question of whether international cultural work is even possible in times of non-mobility can now be confidently answered with a "Yes!

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four phases of fear

German-Palestinian dance theater production

"four phases of fear" is a German-Palestinian dance film. Four dancers deal with the theme of fear and identity.

art laboratory

The bridgeworks art-lab 2021 Fears & Identity

...a digital tour de force or dance on the fiber optic network?

The Al Kasaba Theater in Ramallah and bridgeworks e.V. proudly present the "art-lab 2021": the first digital encounter project of this kind. Based on the starting point of "being strangers to each other", we will start building our Palestinian-German cultural bridge with the first building blocks.

art laboratory

Tilos – Greece

Youth workers mobility

Forty dancers, musicians, actors and performance artists based in Germany, France and Greece will take part in this project and work and research on topics of cultural integration through the mutual exchange of methods, ideas and visions.

talking heads

Digital Think Tank


Bridgeworks and the Al Kasaba Theatre work together with Palestinian and German artists on new formats of exchange and collaboration.

collaboration professional - NOW LIVE!

I see what you don’t see

Type beyond borders

Is it possible to get to know each other without putting a label on the other person? Stereotypes and prejudices are more the rule than the exception. Because the human being, whether by intent or not, divides the world into categories - be it for economic reasons, laziness or fear. So an objective approach is not easy - if it weren't for this anonymous meeting place where neither gender, age, appearance, social status nor religious affiliation plays a role: the Internet.


Kunst bleibt viele (Art remains many)

for open art and cultural spaces and an open society

NRW declaration of the many NRW-Erklärung der Vielen Kunst schafft einen Raum zur Veränderung der Welt "Als Kulturschaffende in Deutschland stehen wir nicht über den...


Partner Culture 2020

A dwindling country - a scattered people

Whether in Haifa, New York, Amman, London, Beirut or Berlin - today, Palestinians live in all these cities and their countries. Due to historical developments and ever-recurring disagreements, the Palestinians have become almost a homeless and widely scattered nation. The remaining autonomous areas are rich in (sad) history and have one thing in common today: a depressing everyday life in a crisis-ridden situation.

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