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BRIDGEWORKS connects young artists, initiates and implements intercultural art projects worldwide

Our Partner-Country 2018 is UGANDA






Are you interested in a new experience, international contacts and an international, interdisciplinary art camp in Kampala, Uganda & Düsseldorf, Germany?


12 scholarships are awarded for the Art Camps (education and networking events).


Entrants from the disciplines of dance, theater and music can apply.
Please send us:


  • Letter of Motivation (max. 1 page)
  • CV (including links)




DEADLINE: 09. January 2018


It is mandatory to participate in both Art Camps!


Dates of the Art Camps:


  • Kampala, Uganda: 11.02. – 25.02.2018
  • Düsseldorf, Deutschland: 19.08. – 02.09.2018


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BRIDGEWORKS connects artists with international contacts, groups or collectives in order to realize art projects as a partner, patron or co-producer. Theater, dance and music productions are promoted. Special attention is given to the intercultural aspect of the artistic result.

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The BRIDGEWORKS network is constantly being expanded through the “Art Camps”. The Intercultural Workshop series allow young artists from different nations and cultural spaces to act as one group. Through a creative process, theater, dance and music an interdisciplinary, intercultural performance is created.

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BRIDGEWORKS creates dialogue spaces in order to discuss socially relevant questions in interdisciplinary intercultural contexts. The dialogue format should create a space for reflection and discussion in addition to artistic discussions through Symposia, discussions and lectures.

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