connects artists of art and culture and initiates intercultural projects for theater, dance and music worldwide

bridgeworks connects artists of art and culture and initiates intercultural projects for theater, dance and music worldwide.


Partner Culture 2020

A dwindling country - a scattered people

Whether in Haifa, New York, Amman, London, Beirut or Berlin - today, Palestinians live in all these cities and their countries. Due to historical developments and ever-recurring disagreements, the Palestinians have become almost a homeless and widely scattered nation. The remaining autonomous areas are rich in (sad) history and have one thing in common today: a depressing everyday life in a crisis-ridden situation.

Angst (fear)

Annual Theme 2020

Taboo - Manipulation - Unknown

The Bridgeworks year 2020 with our Palestinian partner culture will revolve around the topic "fear" in the broadest sense. With the aspiration to find a complex, inspiring and relevant topic for both cultures, we are very happy with the decision. Fear is a daily companion, present on all levels and tangible with all senses: you can smell, see, hear and sometimes almost grasp you ...

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Enchanting performances in Uganda

Romeo and Juliet in Kampala

Now the first series of performances of "Romeo and Juliet in Kampala" took place in Uganda. For this purpose Viola Hilbing and Simon Eifeler from Bridgeworks traveled from Germany to the Ugandan capital Kampala .

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Romeo and Juliet in Kampala

Premiere on 2nd August, further dates on 3rd, 9th and 10th August

The premiere of our Ugandan-German co-production will take place at the beginning of August. On July 1, six artists from Kampala came to Düsseldorf and...


romeo & juliette

casting in uganda

We spent much of yesterday searching for our "Romeo" and "Juliet" for our Ugandan Version of William Shakespeare's classic play "Romeo and Juliet". Well we got an opportunity to get a feel of how "Romeo and Juliet" sounds in some of our local languages like Luganda, Runyoro, Rutooro, Rukiga, Runyankole, and Nigeria's Ibo.

art laboratory

research visit to Jerusalem

Reaching new shores

For three weeks, Felix Banholzer and Simon Eifeler travel to Jerusalem to meet theaters, cultural institutions and artists, to attend musical dance and theater performances, and to develop a feeling for the structure.

art laboratory

The art camp songs are ready

Available on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon

At the bridgeworks art camp 2018 in Kampala, guided by the musicians Kaz Kasozi, Peter "Pete" Stöcklin and Sebastian "Baf" Scheipers, six wonderful songs were created by the participants.

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Video Documentation

Filmmaker Patrick Waldmann accompanied bridgeworks to Kampala

This documentary provides a good insight into how bridgeworks performs and shows the atmosphere and energy of those involved on site, from the first meeting to the performance of the workshop results at the La Bonita theater in the heart of Kampala.

art laboratory



Our pilot art laboratory in Kampala, Uganda took place from 11.02.2018 - 25.02.2018 and was a great success.